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[NEWS] IPBES Plenary Approves Regional and Land Degradation Assessments

During the meeting, the Global Biodiversity Information Fund (GBIF) signed a memorandum of understanding with IPBES. The memorandum formalizes the ongoing cooperation between GBIF and IPBES and identifies specific areas for collaboration, including identification and access to biodiversity datasets related to IPBES assessments and indicators; mobilization of knowledge gaps identified through IPBES data; coordination GBIF’s capacity building activities to support IPBES-related data mobilization and acquisitions; encourage cooperation between GBIF national nodes and IPBES national focal points.

IPBES Chair Sir Robert Watson said, “Biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people sound, to many people, academic and far removed from our daily lives,”. He claimed that  “Nothing could be further from the truth – they are the bedrock of our food, clean water, and energy. They are at the heart not only of our survival, but of our cultures, identities, and enjoyment of life. The best available evidence, gathered by the world’s leading experts, points us now to a single conclusion: we must act to halt and reverse the unsustainable use of nature – or risk not only the future we want but even the lives we currently lead. Fortunately, the evidence also shows that we know how to protect and partially restore our vital natural assets.”

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