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[NEWS] International Corporate Social Responsibility Forum : Taiwan’s 500 Corporates

每年三月是CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)官學界人士齊聚交流的重要時刻。今年CSR論壇更接軌國際,跨海邀請紐約、上海、香港專家齊聚台北

連續兩年皆親臨論壇的金管會鄭貞茂副主委致詞時指出,今年臺灣CSR的成長令人振奮,出版的報告書已達515本,其中以金融、科技產業為多。除了數量的成長,也有半數(49%)的CSR報告書取得第三方保證或確信,顯示企業重視報告書的品質。以及有兩成八 (27.7%) 的企業在CSR報告書回應聯合國SDGs目標;至於台灣企業重視經濟成長,國際企業重視氣候變遷,也顯出兩者的差異。未來也應該呼籲政府機關加入出版永續告書的行列。

Every year in March is an important moment for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) officials to gather and exchange. This year’s CSR Forum is even more integrated with the international community and invites experts from New York, Shanghai, and Hong Kong to gather in Taipei.

In a speech delivered by the Vice Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Commission R.O.C (Taiwan), Cheng-Mount Cheng, who has visited the forum for two consecutive years, he pointed out that the growth of CSR in Taiwan this year has been exciting growth. The number of published reports has reached 515, of which mainly focus on the financial and technological industries. In addition to the growth of the quantity, half of the (49%) CSR reports have obtained third-party guarantees or convictions, indicating that the companies value the quality of the reports. And twenty-eight percent (27.7%) of the companies responded to the UN SDGs goals in the CSR report. As for Taiwanese companies that value economic growth, international companies value climate change and show differences. we should also call for government agencies to join in the future.

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國際CSR論壇盛事, 台灣五百家企業CSR大盤點

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