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[NEWS] Big Data to Accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals


大數據大大提高了我們理解我們周圍世界的能力。 本次活動將展示大數據和新技術如何讓城市和當地社區抓住就業機會和製造業的新機遇; 提供有效和廣泛的運輸和能源服務; 為災難作準備; 並幫助那些最需要幫助的人。

安赫爾•古里亞經合組織秘書長表示,當涉及到可持續發展目標及其169個目標時,大數據有能力補充國家統計數據並提供進一步的分類 – 使我們能夠識別被遺忘的人或社區,並且通常提供有關發展的實時數據。

The World Bank is organizing a live event on April 19 to hold discussions on how the public and private sectors can partner to unlock big data’s potential at the World Bank Group Headquarters.

Big data is drastically improving our ability to understand the world around us. This event will showcase how big data and new technologies allow cities and local communities to seize new opportunities for jobs and manufacturing; deliver effective and inclusive transport and energy services; prepare for disasters; and target assistance to those who need it most.

When it comes to following the SDGs and their 169 targets, big data has the power to complement national statistics and provide further disaggregation – allowing us to identify the people or communities that would be forgotten in aggregates, and often providing real-time data on development says Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General.

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Big data to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals

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