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[NEWS] Private Sector Key To Sustainable Development Goals



Lee George Lam, chairman of the HK Cyberport Management Company and vice-president of the ESCAP sustainable business network’s executive council, said the business community is one with Economic and Social Commission for the Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) and are working out financing solutions to support the SDGs and help make growth inclusive and reduce inequalities.

The UN released a report on development financing which aimed at the G20 and the World Bank/IMF spring meetings (18—22 April) in Washington. The report warned that the transformative power of technology raises complex ethical, socio-economic, and human rights challenges and risks. It called on governments to make complementary investments (rather than rely on the private sector) to strengthen social protection and develop regulatory frameworks that ensure sharing of the benefits of technology and management of risks.

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Private sector key to sustainable development goals

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