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[SALE] Top 5 Hotel Competitor Pricing Dataset



在這個每日更新的數據集中,它包括一個月的日期,客戶的競爭對手的名稱以及最便宜的2人房間的價格。 我們還包含來自Airbnb的五家距離相近民宿的定價,以幫助酒店經理了解酒店行業的定價趨勢。 每次更新數據集時,只需50港幣就能幫助管理人員創建智能策略定價


Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 3.55.17 PM


We recently launched a new dataset which contains “Top 5 Competitors Pricing” to help Hotels to have a Smart Pricing Strategies.
Since Airbnb has changed travel trends, the hotel industry is highly competitive nowadays, We provide real-time data which is generated from paper form into digital form.
In this daily updated dataset, it includes the date within one month, the name of the customer’s competitor, and the price of the cheapest room for 2 persons. We also include pricing for five closest hostels from Airbnb to help hotel managers understand the pricing trends in the hotel industry. Each time the dataset is updated, it only costs HK$50 to help managers create Smart Pricing Strategies.


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