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[NEWS] How Real-time Weather Data Sprang From Aid to Gunners of 1916


一些官員發現新的報導混亂,因此發行了一本解釋性小冊子。 電報變得更加頻繁,後來每天都有七次更新,通過電台分發。


A new type of weather report appeared on the western front in April 1916. The importance of weather to artillery barrages had become apparent.

Some officers found the new reports confusing so an explanatory pamphlet was issued. The telegrams became more frequent, and later seven updates were produced daily, distributed by radio.

The meteor telegram service showed how new technology could collect weather data in real time, which became a key part of modern forecasting.

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How real-time weather data sprang from aid to gunners of 1916

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