[NEWS] Hitting Home Runs for The SDGs

在新戰略計劃(2018-2022)中,構思了一個“國家支持平台”,幫助各國設計和提供綜合解決方案來處理複雜的發展問題。 這些平台的設計需要與經濟,社會和環境部門,關鍵人員,決策者及其所有資源和共識的融合。 但最重要的是,它需要解釋和知道如何檢查國家的脈搏,以及那些決定這些國家和特定情況的特徵,因此將影響有效實現可持續發展目標的干預措施和政策類型。

In new strategic plan (2018-2022) which conceived a “national support platform” to help countries design and provide integrated solutions to deal with complex development issues. The design of these platforms requires convergence, resources, and consensus with the economic, social, and environmental sectors, key personnel, and decision makers and all their intersections. But most importantly, it needs to explain and know how to check the country’s pulse, as well as those characteristics that determine these countries and those specific situations, and therefore will influence the types of interventions and policies that effectively accelerate the achievement of the SDGs.

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Hitting home runs for the SDGs

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