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[NEWS] Global Festival Promotes Innovative Action for SDGs

2018年3月23日:全球可持續發展行動節展示了支持可持續發展目標實施的方法,創新和工具。 該節重點討論如何通過討論五個關鍵問題來實現可持續發展目標:創新; 公民參與; 通訊; 動員; 和多利益主體參與。


23 March 2018: The Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development showcased approaches, innovations, and tools to support SDG implementation. The Festival focused on how to put the SDGs into action through discussion on five key issues: innovation; citizen engagement; communication; mobilization; and multi-stakeholder engagement.

The Festival aims to celebrate, empower and connect the global community on an action for the SDGs.

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