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[NEWS] UN, Sri Lanka Joint Symposium Provides A Platform for Enhancing The Use of Data Towards a Sustainable Sri Lanka

3月21日,科倫坡:認識到數據在斯里蘭卡實現可持續發展目標(SDG)的過程中發揮的關鍵作用,斯里蘭卡政府和聯合國共同組織了“#SDGDataLK:加強斯里蘭卡可持續發展數據” – 第一屆可持續發展目標數據全國研討會於2018年3月20日至21日在科倫坡舉行。

本次研討會由24位尊敬的當地和國際發言人組成,匯集了關於數據如何幫助決策者,斯里蘭卡可持續發展目標指標映射的現狀以及關於大數據和開放數據等概念的討論的多學科討論。 第二天集中討論了為期兩天的討論會之後的討論。 斯里蘭卡CITRA社會創新實驗室推出了一個可以託管可持續發展目標相關數據的原型在線工具,以簡化斯里蘭卡2030年可持續發展議程的協調和監測工作。

Mar 21, Colombo: Recognizing the pivotal role data plays in Sri Lanka’s journey towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Government of Sri Lanka and the United Nations, jointly organized “#SDGDataLK: Enhancing Data for a Sustainable Sri Lanka”- the First National Symposium on Data for the SDGs, which took place on 20 & 21 March 2018 in Colombo.

With 24 esteemed local and international speakers, the symposium brought together multi-disciplinary discussions on how data helps policymakers, the status of mapping SDG Indicators in Sri Lanka, as well as discussions on concepts such as Big Data and Open Data. The second day focused on the next steps in taking the discussions forward, beyond the two-day symposium. CITRA Social Innovation Lab, Sri Lanka, introduced a prototype online tool which can host SDG related data, in order to streamline coordination and monitor the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Sri Lanka.

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