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[NEWS] Commonwealth Clean Oceans Alliance Supports SDG 14 Achievement

英國首相文翠珊已宣布用6,140萬英鎊支持英聯邦清潔海洋聯盟,該聯盟旨在結束使用一次性塑料並推動實現可持續發展目標14的進展。同時,一個營利性的社會企業’The Plastic Bag’使用區塊鏈技術來解決發展中國家的塑料垃圾問題。

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has announced £61.4 million to support the Commonwealth Clean Oceans Alliance, which aims to end the use of single-use plastic and promote progress towards SDG 14. A for-profit social enterprise, ‘The Plastic Bag,’ uses blockchain technology to address plastic waste in developing countries.

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