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[NEWS] How Indian Companies are Aligning with UN’s SDG 12


可持續發展目標旨在將包括企業和發展合作機構在內的不同利益相關者瞄準“用更少的錢做更多更好的事”的方式。 在17個可持續發展目標中,企業在工作場所採用的一個目標是可持續發展目標12,其目標是促進負責任的消費和生產,資源和能源效率以及工作場所內可持續基礎設施的發展等等。

Indian companies are gradually integrating practices set out in the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) in their business strategy.

The SDGs aim to target different stakeholders, including businesses and development cooperation agencies, into “doing more and better with less”. Of the 17 SDGs, one goal that companies are adopting at the workplace is SDG 12, which aims to promote responsible consumption and production, resource and energy efficiency, and development of sustainable infrastructure within the workplace, among others.

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