Welcome to Join SDGs with Canada Open Data!

We are happy to let you know that we are joining the first global Open Government Week! SDG Wiki concerns 17 SDGs. We are glad that we can have a chance to get involved by relating SDGs with Canada Open Data.

We’re taking part in #OpenGovWeek. SDG Wiki would post Canada Open Data from 7 – 11 May to let everyone discover the story behind data! 

Here are some awesome data we selected from Canada Open Data:

There are much more Canada Open Data on sdgwiki.com, here is the shortcut to show Canada Open Data mapped with SDGs. Don’t miss it!

Sharing Canada Open Data is not enough for us to celebrate transparency, accountability, and participation in government. All of you, SDG workers, can contact us or visit sdgwiki.org to provide data which you think that all SDG workers should know about it.

sdgwiki.org is an online platform for everyone to contribute data for SDGs and access data to distill knowledge behind it. Reading our Canada Open Data post is welcome but contributing together is the main part of all SDG workers to participant in #OpenGovWeek. We can crowdsource for SDGs by contributing data to sdgwiki.org

What are you waiting for? Check out sdgwiki.org NOW!

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