[FREE DATA] Rocky Mountain Ridged Mussel Density Survey Data


對於河流現場,收集了河流兩側的累積計數。 有些網站僅從2011年至2016年抽樣一次,而其他網站則多次抽樣。 所有調查的平均貽貝密度範圍為0.19至2.86貽貝/平方米,對應於從102至3,276的場地估計豐度。

For the river site, cumulative counts from sides of the river were collected. Some sites were sampled only once while others were sampled multiple times from 2011-2016. Mean mussel densities across all surveys ranged from 0.19 to 2.86 mussels/m2, corresponding to site abundance estimates ranging from 102 to 3,276 mussels.


Index Site, Latitude (decimal degrees), Longitude (decimal degrees), Closest Municipality, Year, Surveyed, Transect,  Distance (m), Rocky Mountain, Rigid Mussel Count, Depth Observed (m)





National Energy Board

Update frequency:

As Needed


Rocky Mountain Ridged Mussel Survey Counts

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