[NEWS] Tamil Nadu Government Directs Departments to Include SDGs in Policy Notes


繼NITI Aayog指示各州與可持續發展目標協調製定計劃之後,泰米爾納德邦提出了將政策說明中的可持續發展目標作為能力發展倡議一部分的議程。

除了在政策說明中納入可持續發展目標之外,各州還計劃在NITI Aayog的幫助下開展培訓項目,以便使各部門負責人熟悉可持續發展目標的規劃,實施和監測。

New Delhi, Apr 21 (KNN) Aiming to build a more prosperous, more equal and more secure world by 2030, the Tamil Nadu government directed its departments to include 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) in its policy notes.

Following the NITI Aayog directions to states to map their schemes in coordination with SDGs, Tamil Nadu comes up with this agenda of covering SDGs in policy notes as a part of capacity development initiative.

Apart from including SDGs in policy notes, the states is also planning to conduct training programs with the help of NITI Aayog in order to familiarize the heads of departments with the planning, implementation and monitoring of SDGs.

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