[FREE DATA] Export and Import Licence Applications


國家能源局(NEB)將對出口許可證申請進行評估,以確定提出出口的能源商品申請量是否超過加拿大的要求。 NEB考慮天然氣進口許可證申請,包括液化天然氣(LNG)的許可證申請。

對於天然氣,天然氣和丙烷許可證申請,NEB採用書面程序,對受影響人員進行公眾評議。 評估期結束後,董事會將完成對申請的評估,並批准或否決申請。 頒發執照也必須得到總督會同行政局的批准。

The National Energy Board (NEB) will assess export licence applications to determine if the volume of the applied for energy commodity proposed for export, is surplus to Canadian requirements. The NEB considers gas import licence applications, including licence applications for liquefied natural gas (LNG).

For gas, natural gas, and propane licence applications, the NEB uses a written process that includes a public comment period for impacted persons. Following the comment period, the Board will complete its assessment of the application, and either approve or deny the application. The issuance of a licence must also be approved by the Governor in Council.


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