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[NEWS] Reporting the SDGs: What good looks like

採取行動幫助實現可持續發展目標的企業將受益,這不僅僅是因為這些目標有潛力創造價值12萬億美元或更高的商業機會(商業與可持續發展委員會)。 其他益處還包括改善或維持社會運營許可證的潛力,加強與客戶,員工和其他關鍵利益相關方的關係,以及製定可持續發展戰略的機會,這些戰略將對企業最大的社會影響進行調整。

Businesses that take action to help achieve the SDGs stand to benefit, not least because the goals have the potential to create market opportunities worth $12 trillion or more (Business & Sustainable Development Commission). Other benefits include the potential to improve or maintain social licence to operate, enhance relationships with customers, employees and other critical stakeholders, and the opportunity to develop a sustainability strategy that zeros in on the business’s biggest societal impacts.

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