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[NEWS] SOI Dialogue Outcome Supports Cross-Sectoral Collaboration


會議的成果文件,Seoul Outcome Plus +2認識到跨部門合作在加強基於生態系統的方法和區域管理工具以及防止污染方面的作用。

Seoul Outcome Plus +2還提出了一個路線圖,將會議的建議付諸實踐。

The SOI Global Dialogue with Regional Seas Organizations and Regional Fishery Bodies discussed ways to accelerate achievement of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and the SDGs.

The meeting’s outcome document, the Seoul Outcome Plus +2, recognizes the role of cross-sectoral collaboration in enhancing ecosystem-based approaches and area management tools, and in preventing pollution.

The Seoul Outcome Plus +2 also proposes a roadmap to translate the meeting’s recommendations into practice.

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