[FREE DATA] Canada Water Quality Simplified – Tuktut


這些數據顯示了在Tuktut Nogait國家公園進行的水質測量。 它是一組測量數據,它們構成兩個水質指標:營養素和主要離子(NMI)指數和金屬指數。

This data shows water quality measurements taken in Tuktut Nogait National Park. It is a collection of measurements which make up two water quality indexes: Nutrients and Major Ions (NMI) Index and Metals Index.


Location/Site Number, Collection Date, Analysis Date, Aluminum/Al (µg/L), Antimony/Sb (µg/L), Arsenic/As (µg/L), Barium/Ba (µg/L), Beryllium/Be (µg/L), Bismuth/Bi (µg/L), Boron/B (µg/L), Cadmium/Cd (µg/L), Cesium/Cs (µg/L), Chromium/Cr (µg/L), Cobalt/Co (µg/L), Copper/Cu (µg/L), Iron/Fe (µg/L), Lead/Pb (µg/L), Lithium/Li (µg/L), Manganese/Mn (µg/L), Mercury/Hg (µg/L), Molybdenum/Mo (µg/L), Nickel/Ni (µg/L), Rubidium/Rb (µg/L), Selenium/Se (µg/L), Silver/Ag (µg/L), Strontium/Sr (µg/L), Thallium/Tl (µg/L), Tin/Sn (µg/L), Titanium/Ti (µg/L), Uranium/U (µg/L), Vanadium/V (µg/L), Zinc/Zn (µg/L)





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Update frequency:



Water Quality Simplified – Tuktut -Nutrients, Physicals ,and Major Ions – 2015-2017 – data – 1

Water Quality Simplified – Tuktut -Metals – 2015-2017 – data – 2

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