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[FREE DATA] Ecological Risk Assessment Framework (ERAF) feasibility and suitability evaluation based on a subset of Significant Ecological Components (SEC) from the Hecate Strait – Queen Charlotte Sound Glass Sponge Reefs Marine Protected Area (HS-QCS MPA).


太平洋區域ERAF通過評估多個活動對多個生態系統組成部分的累積風險評估海洋生態系統提供了一個全面的方法,用於基於生態系統的管理(EBM),改進國際和國家風險評估的最佳做法,僅關注單一 活動(如用於評估漁業影響的ERAFs)或單一生態系統組成部分(如基於棲息地的風險評估)。

The Pacific Region ERAF provides a comprehensive approach for assessing all threats to marine ecosystems by evaluating cumulative risk from multiple activities to multiple ecosystem components for ecosystem-based management (EBM), improving upon international and national best practices in risk assessment that focus solely on single activities (e.g., ERAFs for assessing fisheries impacts) or single ecosystem-components (e.g., habitat-based risk assessments).


SEC.Type, SEC, Activity, Sub.Activity, Stressor, Stressor.Type, Area U_area, Depth, U_depth, Temporal, U_temp, Intensity, U_int, Intensity2, U_int2, AcuteChange, U_ac, ChronicChange, U_cc, MaxAge, U_ma, MaxSize, U_ms, VonB, U_vb, AgeMat, U_am, LifeStage, U_ls, Connect, U_connect, NatMort, U_nm, Listed, U_list, Fec, U_fec, BreedingStrat, U_Breeding, Recruit, U_Recruit, NatDisturb, U_disturb, Range, U_Range




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