[FREE DATA] Monitoring of Atlantic Salmon Escapes


漁業和海洋加拿大(DFO)的大西洋鮭魚觀察計劃(ASWP)成立於1991年,旨在研究不列顛哥倫比亞省及其鄰近水域的大西洋鮭魚的豐度,分佈和生物學特性。 ASWP依賴於土著,休閒和商業漁民,加工者,野外生物學家和孵化場工作人員的自願報告。

Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s (DFO’s) Atlantic Salmon Watch Program (ASWP) was established in 1991 to study the abundance, distribution and biology of Atlantic salmon in British Columbia and its adjacent waters. The ASWP relies on voluntary reports from Indigenous, recreational and commercial fishers, processors, field biologists and hatchery workers.


Date, Location, Species Confirmed, Life Stage, Catch Method, Condition, Comments





Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Update frequency:

As Needed


Monitoring of Atlantic salmon escapes from 2005 and ongoing


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