[NEWS] Just 40% of Global Companies Reporting on UN Sustainable Development Goals

隨著全球試圖將看似矛盾的增長型經濟與可持續性措施相適應,將商業實踐與聯合國可持續發展目標相結合對於那些直接違反成果的企業來說仍然是一個棘手的問題,而企業總體上繼續低報其努力。 根據一份新報告,全球只有40%的企業按照目標報告,英國高於平均水平60%,美國遠低於31%。

美國決定退出“巴黎協議”促使全球對高度污染的能源形式進行再投資,考慮到此類投資的長期結果,以及來自所有其他簽署方的協議的持續支持,地方股東面臨風險 在多種意義上。 與此同時,從勞動力侵權到腐敗的整個價值鏈更廣泛的關注繼續推動改善供應鏈透明度的努力。

As the world attempts to adapt a seemingly contradictory growth-based economy to sustainability measures, aligning business practice with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals remains a thorny issue for those in direct violation of the outcomes, while businesses in general continue to underreport their efforts. According to a new report, just 40% of the world’s businesses are reporting according to the goals, with the UK higher than average at 60%, and the US well below that at 31%.

The US’ decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement spurred global reinvestment in highly polluting forms of energy, which, given the likely long-term outcome of such investments, and the continued support of the accord from all other signatories, place shareholders at risk in multiple senses. Meanwhile, wider concerns across value chains, from labour violations to corruption, continue to drive efforts to improve supply chain transparency.

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