[NEWS] Measuring Corporate Actions Against the SDGs

可持續發展目標具有推動企業行動和報告的巨大潛力。 隨著透明度成為開展業務的新範例,現在是將可持續發展報告提升到新的水平並展示業務對世界首要任務的影響的時刻。

GRI和聯合國全球契約於2017年9月發布了一份出版物“目標和目標分析”,旨在幫助世界各地的大小企業改善其可持續發展目標的報告和業績,從而幫助實現這些全球目標。該出版物是每個可持續發展目標可能披露的清單,在169個目標的層面。 任何企業都可以利用這些披露來報告他們為實現可持續發展目標所做的努力。

The SDGs have enormous potential to drive corporate action and reporting. With transparency becoming the new paradigm for conducting business, this is the moment to take sustainability reporting to the next level and show the impact of business on the world’s top priorities.

GRI and the UN Global Compact released in September 2017 a publication An Analysis of the Goals and Targetswhich aims to aid progress towards these global top priorities by helping businesses large or small, all over the world, improve their reporting and performance on the SDGs. The publication is an inventory of possible disclosures per SDG, at the level of the 169 targets. Any business can use these disclosures to report on their efforts towards achieving the SDGs.

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 An Analysis of the Goals and Targets

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