[NEWS] Why the Jewellery Industry Should Engage with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

瑞士巴塞爾 – 一個複雜且不透明的供應鏈 – 通常涉及在開採,切割,加工和拋光的許多國家內外進行的寶石運輸 – 總值1,480億美元的珠寶行業出了名難以管理。 因此,聯合國估計有500多萬婦女和兒童在礦山中非法受僱。 還有嚴重的生態後果。 據估計,全球手工和小規模採礦生態系統每年將有超過2萬噸汞被非法排入環境。

為了提高對這些問題的認識,促進珠寶行業可持續發展對話,與蕭邦合作,BoF與Colin的Julianne Moore一起主持了關於該行業如何採納聯合國17個可持續發展目標(SDG)的小組討論會 菲斯,亞利桑那繆斯和中國歌手兼演員王at在巴塞爾鐘錶珠寶博覽會上。

BASEL, Switzerland — With a complex and opaque supply chain — which often involves the shipment of gemstones in and out of numerous countries as they are mined, cut, processed and polished — the $148 billion jewellery industry is notoriously difficult to regulate. As a result, the UN estimates that over 5 million women and children are employed illegally in mines. There are also severe ecological ramifications. Over 20,000 tonnes of mercury are estimated to be released illegally into the environment every year within the global artisanal and small-scale mining eco-system.

To raise awareness of these issues and stimulate a dialogue on sustainability within the jewellery industry, in partnership with Chopard, BoF hosted a panel discussion on how the industry can adopt the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), with Julianne Moore, Colin Firth, Arizona Muse and Chinese singer and actor Roy Wang at the Baselworld watches and jewellery fair.

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