[NEWS] African leaders and SDGs

非洲必須以這樣一種理解為前提,可持續發展目標的最關鍵驅動因素是人 – 受益者和執行者。歐洲大陸還必須爭取充分可靠的數據收集,處理和利用; 在每個進展階段進行有效的評估和監測; 透明和包容的預算;問責制; 吸取經驗教訓並抓住錯失的機會; 和強烈的政治意願。

非洲以達成人道負責的共識,即可持續發展目標不能像集體無所作為的千年發展目標那樣發展。 現在是採取行動的時候了,這個可持續發展目標全球行動節代表了“行動呼籲”的號角。 非洲必須克服沮喪,必須抓住時機。

Africa must premise their action on the understanding that the most critical drivers of the SDGs are human beings – the beneficiaries and the implementers. Besides the human component, the Continent must strive for adequate, reliable data collection, processing and utilization; effective evaluation and monitoring at every stage of progress; transparent and inclusive budgeting; accountability; applying lessons learned & grasping missed opportunities; and strong political will.

Africa owes it to our humanity to rally to a consensus that the SDGs must not flounder like the MDGs on account of collective inaction. The time to act is now, and this Global Festival of Action for SDGs represents a clarion “Call to Action”. Africa must overcome their lethargy, and must seize the moment.

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