[FREE DATA] Notice of Compliance Database (NOC) API


在對新藥申報進行令人滿意的審核之後,NOC將發給製造商,並表示符合“食品和藥品法規”。 該數據庫每晚更新,並包含1994年1月1日至今的人類毒品NOC信息。 它還包含2000年9月19日至今的NOC獸藥信息。

The NOC is issued to a manufacturer following the satisfactory review of a submission for a new drug, and signifies compliance with the Food and Drug Regulations. The database is updated nightly and contains NOC information on human drugs from January 1, 1994 to date. It also contains NOC information on Veterinary drugs from September 19, 2000 to date.


Noc number, Noc br brand id, Noc br brand name, Noc br din, Noc br product id





Health Canada

Update frequency:



Drug Product

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