[NEWS] CEPA 17 Experts Call for Investing in Public Servants to Deliver on SDGs


委員會審議的主題包括:各級有效,負責任和包容的機構; 政策和體制一致性; 有效治理可持續發展的原則; “2030年議程”實施的能力和預算資源; 公務員的意識,能力和技能; 參與和參與可持續發展目標的實施; 公共部門的不當行為和腐敗; 加強和配備城鄉社區機構,支持“2030年議程”所要求的社會變革。

The UN Committee of Experts on Public Administration is meeting for its 17th session to discuss ‘Readying Public Institutions for the Implementation of the SDGs’.

Topics examined by the Committee include: effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels; policy and institutional coherence; principles of effective governance for sustainable development; capacities and budgetary resources for 2030 Agenda’s implementation; awareness, competencies and skills of civil servants; participation and engagement in SDG implementation; misconduct and corruption in the public sector; and enhancing and equipping institutions in urban and rural communities to support societal changes required under the 2030 Agenda.

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