The Partners Group每年平均投資超過10億美元的公司和資產正在追求與可持續發展目標相一致的戰略。

新推出的’PG LIFE’戰略包括投資於私營公司和資產,為特定的可持續發展目標做出貢獻,同時不影響財務業績。


The Partners Group has invested an average of more than US$1 billion annually in companies and assets that are pursuing a strategy consistent with the SDGs.

The newly launched ‘PG LIFE’ strategy includes investing in private companies and assets for the purpose of contributing to specific SDGs, without compromising financial performance.

UNCTAD estimates that meeting the SDGs will require US$5-7 trillion in annual investment from 2015 to 2030, of which US$4-6 trillion will be required from private capital sources.

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