[NEWS] Marc Buckley on Why Sustainability Alone Is Not Enough

馬克·巴克利呼籲「我們如何看待世界發生了範式轉變」。這個食品領導者和聯合國可持續發展目標倡導者(SDGs)希望我們以不同的方式思考:「我們作為人類已經進入了這種模式,事情非常直線和線性,把所有東西放在盒子和筒倉裡。」他告訴Food Tank:「但這不是我們的世界的工作方式。 我們的世界在復雜的,動態的系統中工作。」

Marc Buckley is calling for “a paradigm shift in how we view the world.” This food leader and advocate for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) wants us to think differently: “We as humanity have gotten into this modus of looking at things very straight and linear, putting everything in boxes and silos,” he tells Food Tank, “but that’s not how our world works. Our world works in complex, dynamic systems.”

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