[NEWS] Housing Must Receive Priority

從7月開始,在Jaigaon邊界居住的近300個家庭將遷入Phuentsholing的National Housing Development Corporation Ltd.(NHDCL)住宅區。

由於在該國商業中心缺乏經濟適用住房,不丹家庭被迫跨越邊界生活已有數年之久,這一消息已得到好評。 然而,506個單位不能容納住在Jaigaon的所有家庭。 截至今年1月,約有1,259名申請人登記入住單位。 這個數字可能會增加。 NHDCL以公平的方式分配公寓是非常重要的,以便那些迫切需要的人得到優先考慮。 廷布的昌吉住房群提供了幾個可供借鑒的經驗教訓。

Starting July, almost 300 families who have been living across the border in Jaigaon will move into the National Housing Development Corporation Ltd. (NHDCL) housing colony in Phuentsholing.

The news has been received well for it has come years after Bhutanese families were pushed to live across the border due to lack of affordable housing in the country’s commercial hub. The 506 units would however, not accommodate all the families living in Jaigaon. As of January this year, about 1,259 applicants have registered for the flats. The number is likely to increase. It is important that NHDCL allots the flats in a fair manner so that those who are in dire need are given priority. The Changjiji housing colony in Thimphu provides several lessons to learn from.

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