[NEWS] Moeda Loyalty Points (MDA) Crypto 24h Volume Makes It to $1,418,390 as Price at $1.17852

可持續發展一直是Mercer的焦點, 它是支持我們建議的五大投資信念之一,該公司在2004年建立了負責任的投資實踐。我們可持續投資信念的組成部分體現了我們的信念。 去年發布的商業與可持續發展委員會的研究表明,與實現這些目標相關的60個增長最快的可持續市場機遇可能在2030年前產生12萬億美元的收入和儲蓄,並有可能創造約3.8億個就業機會。 這些機會中有一半以上都在新興市場。

Sustainability has long been a focus for Mercer. It is one of the five investment beliefs underpinning our advice and the firm established its responsible investment practice in 2004. The components of our sustainable investment beliefs articulate our conviction. Research the Business & Sustainable Development Commission published last year shows the 60 fastest-growing sustainable market opportunities related to delivering these goals could potentially generate revenues and savings of $12 trillion by 2030 and have the potential to create about 380 million jobs. More than half of these opportunities are based in emerging markets.

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