[NEWS] Women in Aquaculture: Catherine Greengrass Smith

水產養殖和環境諮詢公司Gaia主管Catherine Greengrass Smith談到她的雄心壯志,以幫助南非水產養殖業的發展。

南非的養魚業是一個新興的部門。 儘管對國家漁業產品和國內生產總值的貢獻仍然很小,但現在正在解決諸如獲得水,技術和高交易成本等各種制約因素。 隨著水產養殖為提供可持續,營養的蛋白質來源提供了重要機會,其在南非的增長潛力很高。

Catherine Greengrass Smith, director of aquaculture and environmental consultancy Gaia, talks about her ambitions to help the growth of South Africa’s aquaculture industry

Fish farming in South Africa is a new and emerging sector. Although still a small contributor to national fishery products and GDP, various constraints such as access to water, technology and high transaction costs are now being addressed. With aquaculture providing a significant opportunity to provide a sustainable, nutritious source of protein, its growth potential in South Africa is high.

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