[NEWS] Beijing Conference: Digital Trade is Trade of Future, Great Hope for Developing Nations, Says Pak Envoy

所有發展社區都必須集中關注這些問題。 巴基斯坦認為電子商務是數字,社會和發展議程以及促進可持續和包容性增長的工具,也是實現2030年可持續發展目標(SDGs)的最有效手段。

Tauqir博士說,全球化的許多弊端可以通過電子商務得到解決,只要它是以包容的方式開發的,具有整體的發展層面。 “我們認為貿易政策和貿易規則的最終目標必須是適用於全球經濟的所有成員的減貧,增長,福利和發展。 數字貿易也是如此。 電子商務的發展方面對於包容性的基於規則的MTS而言至關重要。

All development community has to focus collectively on these issues. Pakistan views e-commerce as a tool that brings together the digital, social and development agendas and as an enabler of sustainable and inclusive growth, and most effective vehicle for achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030.

Dr Tauqir said many ills of globalisation can be cured through e-commerce provided it is developed in an inclusive manner, with an integral development dimension. “We are of the belief that ultimate aim of trade policy and trade rules must be poverty reduction, growth, welfare and development that works for all members of the global economy. Same holds true for digital trade. The development dimension of e-commerce is essential for inclusive rules-based MTS.

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