[NEWS] NCHD Establishes 6000 Literacy Centers Across Country

他補充說,巴基斯坦是亞洲地區識字率最低的國家之一,也是全球非識字人口的第四大國。 他說,政府很清楚這一情況,並採取了重要舉措,特別是巴基斯坦願景-2025年的目標之一,到2025年實現90%的全國識字率。

自成立以來,NCHD在全國各地建立了164,190個成人掃盲中心,並接納約384萬成人學習者(主要是女性)。 他還補充說,該國還覆蓋全國134個地區,向學員提供了1500萬冊書籍,350萬學生畢業至2013年。

Pakistan is one of the least literate countries in Asia and the fourth largest contributor to the world’s non-literate population, he added. He said the government is well aware of the situation and has taken important initiatives particularly one of the goals of Pakistan Vision-2025, to achieve 90 percent national literacy rate by the year 2025.

NCHD, since its inception, had established 164,190 Adult Literacy Centres across the country and admitted about 3.84 million adult learners (mostly women). It also covered 134 districts of the country and provided 15 million books to the learners while 3.5 million students had graduated till 2013, he added.

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