[NEWS] NCHD Implementing Consistent Literacy Programs For Vision-2025: Syed Akbar Ali

成人掃盲計劃在全國范圍內取得了100%的成績,並希望到2025年達到90%的識字率目標將成功實現。 有必要提及的是,巴基斯坦簽署了可持續發展目標(可持續發展目標),SDG-4要求參與國確保100%的入學率和大幅提高識字率。

Adult Literacy Program was working with 100 percent results across the country and hoped that the 90 percent literacy rate target by 2025 would be achieved successfully. It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan is signatory to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) whereby the SDG-4 requires the participant countries to ensure 100% enrollment and substantial increase in the literacy rates.

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