[NEWS] The Africans We Want – Fighting Corruption in Africa


“2063年議程”和“2030年議程”的威脅包括腐敗以及諸如氣候變化,戰爭和衝突等其他一系列事務,不執行文書和計劃以及財力和人力資源不足; 所有這些都需要優先關注。

非洲正確地將腐敗確定為值得迫切和有針對性關注的優先領域 – 並將其作為2018年的非洲主題。

Through effective diplomatic agency, Africa proactively assisted the formulation of the SDGs, based on Agenda 2063. The African missions in New York deserve a pat on the back, for defending humankind.

Threats to Agenda 2063 and Agenda 2030 include corruption as well as a host of other matters such as climate change, wars and conflict, un-implementation of instruments and programs and inadequate financial and human resources; all of which need priority attention.

Africa has rightly identified corruption as a priority area that deserves urgent and targeted attention – and adopted it as the African theme for this year 2018.

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