[NEWS] A Crucial Stocktaking

孟加拉國目前有望成為發展中國家,政府也致力於到2030年實現可持續發展目標(SDGs)。人人享有人權和正義,不留任何人,是該集合中的基本要素之一 在可持續發展目標下作出的承諾,尤其是目標16。 因此,了解孟加拉國政府如何將人權,正義和平等問題納入到2030年前的發展議程中,這是成員國的興趣所在。

Bangladesh is currently on track to be ranked as a developing country and the government is also committed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Human rights and justice for all, leaving no one behind, are among the basic elements in the set of pledges made under the SDGs, goal 16 in particular. Therefore, it would be of member states’ interest to learn how the Bangladesh government is going to mainstream issues of human rights, justice and equity in the development agenda for the period leading up to 2030.

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