[NEWS] Bringing Gender Equality to Global Public Health

紐約 – 過去幾十年來,國際社會一直致力於實現廣泛的社會和環境目標,其中許多目標已被載入聯合國2030年可持續發展目標(SDG)。

我們為這些目標以及可持續發展目標之前的類似努力提出了主張,因為我們認為這樣的集體項目對於創造我們希望為我們的子孫而言的世界類型是必要的。 但我們也意識到,為實現全球承諾所做的太多努力缺乏成功所需的有意義的報告機制。 如果我們認真地將崇高的聲明轉化為人類和地球的真正進步,這將不得不改變。

NEW YORK — Over the past few decades, the international community has tasked itself with achieving a wide range of social and environmental objectives, many of which are enshrined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for 2030.

We have advocated for many of these goals, as well as similar efforts that preceded the SDGs, because we believe that such collective projects are necessary to create the type of world we want for our children and grandchildren. But we have also come to realise that far too many efforts to fulfill global commitments lack the meaningful reporting mechanisms needed to succeed. If we are serious about translating lofty pronouncements into real progress for people and the planet, this will have to change.

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