[NEWS] We the People, We the Arts 2018: Award-winning artworks to be auctioned

國際評審團週四在瑞士駐華大使托馬斯·科利的住所宣布了聯合國可持續發展目標(SDGs)藝術競賽的獲獎者。 四名獲獎者和25名決賽選手分別獲得現金獎勵,證書和其他禮物。

瑞士大使館與多個當地和國際合作夥伴共同組織的題為“我們人民,我們藝術2018”的競賽邀請學生製作雕塑,繪畫和微型繪畫和印刷製作四個類別的藝術作品 – 主題相關實現聯合國17個可持續發展目標。 年齡在18歲及以上的美術專業學生在巴基斯坦認可的學院和大學錄取便有資格參加。

An international jury announced winners of an art competition on UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the residence of the Swiss Ambassador Thomas Kolly on Thursday. Each of the four winners and 25 finalists were given cash prizes, certificates and other gifts.

Organised by the Embassy of Switzerland in collaboration with several local and international partners, the competition titled ‘We the Peoples, We the Arts 2018’ invited students to produce artwork in four categories – sculpture, painting and miniature painting and print making – on themes related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. Fine arts students aged 18 and above enrolled in accredited Pakistani colleges and universities were eligible to participate.

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