[NEWS] Akufo-Addo Writes: ‘The SDGs Must Propel Africa Beyond Aid’

2015年,世界各國領導人通過了可持續發展目標(SDGs)作為千年發展目標(MDGs)的繼任者,並將其作為改變世界的藍圖。 可持續發展目標有17個目標,是一個雄心勃勃但卻非常需要的議程。 在艱鉅的發展挑戰中,實現這些目標的任務無疑在非洲最為重要。

應對可持續發展目標需要大膽的遠見和雄心勃勃的行動。 因此,在可持續發展目標的未來13年,非洲必須大膽行動,並且雄心勃勃,她必須力求實現可持續發展目標,主要是在她的資源 – 人力,物力和財力方面。

In 2015, world leaders adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a successor to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and as a blueprint to transform our world. The SDGs, with its 17 goals, is an ambitious, but much needed agenda. Amid daunting development challenges, the task of meeting these goals is without doubt greatest in Africa.

Tackling the SDGs calls for a bold vision and ambitious actions. So, over the next 13 years to the endpoint of the SDGs, Africa must be bold and ambitious in her actions, and she must seek to achieve the SDGs primarily in the context of her resources – both human, physical and financial.

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