[NEWS] NDC Update Report Special Edition: Linking NDCs and SDGs

2015年是氣候行動與發展的一個突破性年,隨著“巴黎協定”的簽署和2030年可持續發展議程的全球承諾。 這些具有挑戰性和全面性的全球議程需要對我們的經濟運作方式進行根本性的反思,並且已經導致重新呼籲加強它們之間的整合和協調。 每個議程都承認另一個議程的重要性,並且有一個明確的共識,即如果沒有氣候變化的成功行動,就不可能全面實現發展目標,反之亦然。

2015 was a breakthrough year for climate action and development, with the signing of the Paris Agree­ment and a global commitment to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. These challenging and comprehensive global agendas require a fundamental rethinking of the way our economies operate and have led to renewed calls for greater integration and alignment between them. Each agenda acknowledg­es the importance of the other, and there is a clear consensus that full achievement of development goals will not be possible without successful action on climate change, and vice versa.

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