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[NEWS] Hands Pakistan, Child Survival Programme, Duhs join hands for Imnci to save kids

Hands Sindh和DUHS的巴基斯坦和兒童生存計劃攜手為IMNCI拯救5歲以下兒童。

與兒童生存計劃合作開展的活動已經結束了DUHS的IMNCI研討會,以在他們的設施中實施IMNCI。 這是世界衛生組織/聯合國兒童基金會和衛生部批准的策略,旨在拯救5歲以下兒童免受可導致兒童死亡的不同可預防疾病。在場合教授AGBILOO特別評論說,IMNCI通過在5年以下診所和新生兒分娩建立衛生設施 由訓練有素的服務員可以改善情況,並在2030年達到SDGS的巨大幫助。他還感謝信德省政府的大力支持。

Hands Pakistan And Child Survival Programme in Sindh and DUHS joined hands For IMNCI to save Under 5yrs Kids.

HANDS in Collaboration with Child Survival programme has concluded The IMNCI workshop in DUHS to implement IMNCI in their facilities. This is WHO/UNICEF and MOH approved strategy to save Under 5yrs Kids from different preventable diseases leading to death of children.At the Occasion Prof A.G.BILOO, specially made comment that IMNCI implementation in health facilities by establishing under 5yrs clinics and and delivery of newborn by trained attendant can improve the situation and of great help to reach SDGS by 2030. He also appreciated Sindh government for great support.

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