[NEWS] Nigeria’s Days In Darkness Soon To Be Over – TellCo Europe Nigeria


“反對上述情況,我們非常高興地通知這位傑出的受眾,Tellco歐洲 – 尼日利亞公司正在推出我們的戰略路線圖,以擴大中小微企業的供應 – 這是經濟轉型增長發展的引擎空間,超過了30%的情景, 通過我們經過充分測試的離網解決方案亮相。

“There is a large potential opportunity for scaling by installing thousands of mini-grids of 100 kW minimum each by 2023 which could meet 30 percent of anticipated demand, which Tellco Europe Nigeria plans on installing.

“It is against the foregoing that we are most delighted to inform this distinguished audience that Tellco Europe-Nigeria is unveiling our strategic roadmap for up-scaling the powering of MSMEs – the engine room of economic transformative growth development, beyond the 30 percent scenario, through our well-tested off-grid solutions to be unveiled.

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