[NEWS] Taking Action on the SDGs: Lessons from Sembcorp Industries

上週,2018年4月27日,新加坡企業公民舉辦了最新的知識系列早餐簡報會,討論企業可持續發展目標(SDG)行動的現狀。 來自不同公司和背景的約30名從業人員一起參與了勝科工業(勝科)戰略傳播和可持續發展高級經理特別嘉賓Gwendolyn Loh的發言,他們分享了他們關於公司如何接近可持續發展目標的故事。

Last week, on 27th April 2018, Corporate Citizenship Singapore held the latest Knowledge Series breakfast briefing event to discuss the current state of corporate action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With around 30 practitioners from various companies and backgrounds, joined by special guest Gwendolyn Loh, Senior Manager, Strategic Communications & Sustainability at Sembcorp Industries (Sembcorp), who shared their story on how the company has approached the SDGs.

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