[NEWS] B3 Attends Global Compact Forum

全球契約論壇 – 巴西網絡15年於5月16日在聖保羅舉行。 此次活動旨在強調巴西公司自15年前創建全球契約巴西網絡以來與巴西公司進行合作的重大進展。

Sonia Favaretto,B3的媒體關係,可持續性和溝通,社會投資董事總經理和SDG Pioneer出席了此次活動,並強調了公司作為全球第一個股票交易所在2004年成為聯合國全球契約簽署國的角色, 參與可持續性議程和可持續發展目標(SDG)。

The Global Compact Forum – 15 Years of the Brazilian Network took place on May 16 in São Paulo. The event aimed to highlight the major advances in the engagement of Brazilian companies with the UN Global Compact since the Global Compact Brazil Network was created 15 years ago.

Sonia Favaretto, B3’s Media Relations, Sustainability and Communications, and Social Investment managing director and SDG Pioneer, attended the event and emphasized the Company’s role as the world’s first stock exchange to be a signatory of the UN Global Compact in 2004, thus reinforcing the importance of engagement with the Sustainability agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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