[NEWS] Fights Ken’s Result-producing changes – But Endorsed Tekper’s Changes

我們認為,通過演習,降級或解僱或任何其他破壞公務員程序和做法的行為,正在進行的旨在實現明確規定目標的重組工作中,任何官員或官員都不會受到任何特別的不利影響, 發展議程符合可持續發展目標。

更有意思的是,我們發現傳統與民族獨立一樣古老。 然而,更具體地說,我們認為前財政部長Seth Tekper為了滿足執行官的要求而做了類似的工作,同時也參與了當時與國際貨幣基金組織和世界銀行合作的國家經濟復甦和增長計劃, 以及其他發展夥伴。

We gathered that neither has any official or bureaucrat been put to any particular disadvantage by the exercise, with a demotion or sack or any other act that undermines Civil Service Procedures and practices, in the ongoing restructuring aimed at delivering on clearly defined goals and development agenda in line with SDGs.

More interestingly, we discovered that the tradition is as old as the nation’s Independence. More specifically, however, we gathered that former Finance Minister Seth Tekper did a similar exercise in his bid to satisfy the dictates of the Executive, but also on national economic recovery and growth programmes they were then running with the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, as well as other development partners.

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