[NEWS] ONE BANANA Corporate Social Responsibility Programs in Step with U.N. Goals

17個聯合國可持續發展目標(SDGs)為2030年前解決地球上最緊迫的問題提供了一個框架。ONE BANANA已經將企業社會責任計劃與這些目標聯繫起來,以便他們努力促進經濟發展,性別平等,健康,教育,可持續社區,自然資源保護,適應氣候變化的措施和負責任的管理將有助於聯合國在ONE BANANA運營的國家的願景。

ONE BANANA的企業社會責任項目包括為危地馬拉和秘魯的13個農村社區提供醫療診所,營養項目和受益於超過19,500人的教育。 FernandoBolaños表示:“我們相信,當所有員工都享有尊嚴和尊重,獲得生活工資並獲得醫療保健和教育機會時,他們會加強他們的社區,同時提高我們的競爭優勢和業務潛力。”一個香蕉。

The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) lay out a framework for addressing the most pressing issues on the planet by 2030. ONE BANANA has aligned their Corporate Social Responsibility programs with these goals, so that their efforts to promote economic development, gender equality, health, education, sustainable communities, natural resource conservation, measures to adapt to climate change and responsible management will contribute to the United Nations’ vision in the countries where ONE BANANA operates.

ONE BANANA’s corporate social responsibility projects include providing access to medical clinics, nutritional programs, and education that have benefited more than 19,500 people, across 13 rural communities in Guatemala and Peru. “We believe that when all our co-workers are treated with dignity and respect, earn a living wage, and have access to healthcare and education it strengthens their communities as well as improves our competitive advantage and our business potential,” says Fernando Bolaños from ONE BANANA.

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