[NEWS] The Decline of Our Oceans is Accelerating, But It’s not too Late to Stop It



就像我面前的數百萬人已經從海王星的世界獲得了生命和援助,我知道我們應該感謝這麼多。 然而,在我生命中的幾十年中,人類有害活動不斷積累的影響加劇了海洋健康的惡化。 由於大氣中的溫室氣體濃度不斷增加,海洋生物現在必鬚麵對越來越多的酸化,變暖和氧氣耗竭的情況。 無污染的塑料污染和破壞工業,農業和污水排放的污水一度污染了原始水域。

Author: Peter Thomson, United Nations Special Envoy for the Ocean, United Nations

The ocean has shaped my life, from my beginnings in the outer islands of Fiji to my appointment last year as the UN Secretary-General’s special envoy for the ocean.

Like millions of others before me who have taken sustenance and succour from Neptune’s world, I know there is so much for which we should give thanks. And yet, over the intervening decades of my life, a quickening cycle of decline has been imposed on the ocean’s health by the ever-accumulating effects of harmful human activities. Thanks to growing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, marine life must now battle with increasing levels of acidification, warming and oxygen depletion. Once-pristine waters are fouled by inexorable flows of plastic pollution and damaging effluent from industry, agriculture and sewage.

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