[NEWS] Aawaz-II Programme Launched to Empower Youth, Women

“英國和巴基斯坦都承諾通過簽署第一部通用可持續發展目標,即可持續發展目標來消除童工現象,”巴基斯坦國際發展部駐巴基斯坦負責人喬安娜里德說。 “Aawaz II計劃是這一成功的重要組成部分。

聯合國駐地協調員尼爾布納赫先生在致辭中說:“通過幫助兒童,婦女和青年參與巴基斯坦的發展,這一聯合方案將通過減少不平等現象而使所有巴基斯坦人受益 – 這是一個關鍵的可持續發展目標。”

“The UK and Pakistan have both made a promise to eradicate child labour by signing up to the first universal set of Sustainable Development Goals, the SDGs,” said Joanna Reid, Head of DFID in Pakistan. “The Aawaz II programme is an essential component of that success.

In his message for the occasion, the UN Resident Coordinator, Mr. Neil Bunhe said, “By helping include children, women and youth in Pakistan’s development, this joint programme will benefit all Pakistanis by reducing inequality – a key Sustainable Development Goal.”

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