[NEWS] China Pledges N$15 Million towards Anti-poaching


“我們希望與你的議會機構合作,與參與議會監督和評估該國實現可持續發展目標(SDGs)努力的人密切合作。 對於我們來說,這是一個重要的領域,以確保我們為改善我們的經濟和我們人民的生活質量做出有意義的貢獻。“他指出。


In its bilateral efforts, the Chinese government has given a grant worth N$15 million to the Namibian government for the procurement of equipment that will be used by law-enforcement agents deployed to the anti-poaching unit.

“We would like to team up with your Parliamentary institution in working closely with those who are engaged in Parliament’s monitoring and evaluation of the country’s efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is a vital area for us in order to ensure we meaningfully contribute to improving our economies and the quality of life of our peoples,” he noted.

The cooperation also includes learning and exchanging experiences in the area of conservation, promotion and preservation of national heritage.


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