[NEWS] Global health NGOs call on Commissioner Malmström to Put Health First in Trade Negotiations with Latin America

將歐洲資金用於鼓勵歐洲吸煙者戒菸4,同時促進向夥伴國家出口健康有害產品和習慣,並向其投資,這顯然是虛偽的。 這破壞了Juncker總統的聲明,即歐盟是一個“維護公開,公平和規則貿易的全球冠軍”¾–對健康不重視的貿易,優先考慮煙草公司在公民健康方面的經濟收益,不僅無法描述 儘管公平,但也違背了歐盟對聯合國2030議程的承諾。“

To spend European funding on encouraging European smokers to quit, whilst simultaneously promoting the export of, and investment in, health harmful products and habits to partner countries is manifestly hypocritical. This undermines President Juncker’s statement that the EU is a global champion “defending open, fair and rules-based trade” – trade that does not properly value health and prioritises the economic gain of tobacco companies over the health of citizens not only cannot be described as fair, but also contravenes the EU’s commitments to the UN Agenda 2030.”

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